About Nobles

Natural is the best

In Nobles, we have inherited the built up knowledge over several generations and the original recipes, which have allowed us to develop our products so that they are healthy, natural and have the traditional homemade taste. In Nobles, we believe that our reason for being is to produce healthy, nutritious and homemade taste products and, for this purpose, we strive everyday.


Own farms

We have the most modern and recently equipped production facilities. We have more than 4,500 m² production areas and we have different high capacity manufacturing areas, which copy the artisan’s movements at work, in order to take care of our customers needs.


We work to preserve the essence of “natural” in all our products

Quality and commitment

For our company, the creative process of products is the key. For this reason we are constantly developing products, methods and new production lines with the purpose of constantly offering our costumers new products, in which we can offer constant improvements and innovation.

All the production processes are designed with the risk valuation on each operation, and documentary evidence is given in order to be part of the APPCC system or the plan of control of critical points. This control of operations is supervised by technical stuff qualified to carry out these tasks.

The quality of all products starts with a good selection of raw materials. For this reason, all our suppliers are carefully selected and approved for intra-community trade by health authorities.

All our products are checked several times during the production process and tested in laboratory to guarantee they all meet the international food safety standards.